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Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my personal website! I will use this domain to show off my projects I am working on as well as using it as a portfolio of sorts. The projects I showcase here are all for hobbies and interests rather than a career.

About Me#

I'm Daniel Burridge, more commonly known as Burridge (or the various misspellings of it). I enjoy video games, writing, tabletop games and programming. I currently have several projects on the go and I always seem to create more for myself to work on. I guess I like being always busy, and I am really invested in the current projects I am working on.

I went to the University of Plymouth to study Computer Science but I ended my studies early in 2020 after the whole COVID-19 pandemic killed my vibe for studying and I returned home and started working more on my passion projects. I currently reside in Cornwall with my partner.

Although I left university before completing my degree I still have a Certificate of Higher Education.


Here are a list of my current projects that I have created or are actively apart of.

Terra (2021 - Current)#

Terra is a world building project I am working on. I am creating it with Dungeons and Dragons 5E in mind and will be using elements from the books and lore of those worlds to build my own. At the moment I am creating locations by naming them and plotting them on a map, after that I will then write up more details about them slowly building the world to be fully fledged and lore heavy. In time I will release information about each location and the world as a whole on this site, although for now I am using the world in two campaigns so when they finish I will public information about the world and its many locations.

You can view the map and locations at

Zombie Outbreak Community (2020 - Current)#

The Zombie Outbreak Community started back in early 2020 as a bit of fun, which featured a Team Deathmatch server for the San Andreas Multiplayer platform. The original TDM server was created in 2011 to be a sister server of our roleplay server, Zombie Outbreak Roleplay which had been about for several years by 2011. I started playing this game around the year 2006, so a very long time. I took over ownership of the roleplay in 2009 so it is my oldest project that is still active in some form - although it went through several phases between 2009 - 2015 before shutting down and opening again for about a year between 2016 - 2017 and finally opening again late last year in 2020. I omit the years I worked on the gamemode between 2009 and 2017 because they are irrelevant to the current project outside of the name and a lot of the community members who even today continue to remain in one form or another. Past that, the gamemode is a complete rewrite and new compared to the old servers.

To find out more about the servers go to

Orbis Gaming (2019 - Current)#

Orbis Gaming is a gaming community I started working on with my good friend Sam "Brzam" Brooks of TechTrail (I even followed his tutorial to get the Terra map online!)

The community sits in hiatus currently, although the Minecraft and Discord servers remain in place. We are awaiting the second part of Caves and Cliffs.

You can find out more about Orbis at

Elder Scrolls to 5E (2019 - Current)#

Elder Scrolls to 5E is a conversion of races, enemies, classes, items, spells to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition and eventually a module to run a game with the system. Documentation on the system can be found here.