2022 Is Already Pretty Crazy

2022 Is Already Pretty Crazy

If someone told me — even last year — that in 2022 Microsoft was going to be buying Activision Blizzard or that Boris Johnson’s days as Prime Minister might, finally be over (wishful thinking) I would have probably have passed it off as wild speculation. However, here we are in a world where at the very least the former is happening for definite.

I will not pretend to understand anything about Business, or politics for that matter, but I know that Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard for $69 (nice) billion is huge! I am interested to see how things change with the company as we lead up to next year when the deal is reported to close. I am sure Tom and Myself will be discussing this on episode 18 of our Podcast!

NFTs have become a huge thing at the moment, and not only do I not understand why but I also really don’t like them. The damage they do to our environment being one of the big reasons for my dislike of them. The hexagonal avatars that Twitter introduced have made it easy to get rid of most NFT related accounts from my timeline though.

My favourite event that has happened so far in 2022 (and we are only 29 days into it so far) is the release of “The Legend of Vox Machina” on Amazon Prime. I am not going to go into spoiler-y detail here but I loved it so much. I felt as though it really captured those characters so well and brought them into a different format and brought them to life in a new way. The jokes were on point too, and the cast of voices brought the world to life. On a side note as it is related, I started playing in some new Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and I am so excited to be a player for a change, I have so many character ideas.

This was a jumble of thoughts from the first few weeks in 2022 and overall it has been fine. Maybe once the first series of The Legend of Vox Machina has finished and I have watched all the episodes I will write a full review giving my thoughts and opinions and breaking them down episode by episode. Maybe I will write more stories for my D&D characters too the possibilities are endless — sadly my free time to undertake such projects is not.