About Me

About Me

Hi, I am Dan Burridge and I live in England with my partner Jess. I am passionate about video games, hardware, software, and writing, and occasionally dabble in pastimes such as Photography. This list is ever-growing as get older and take the time to learn about new things.

After leaving college for the first time to study Performing Arts I went into my first job in retail but after a few years I realised I needed to do something else so I started studying again at college for Video Game development. I mostly enjoyed the two years of studying for that BTEC and eventually completed it in 2017 where I then moved on to go to University in Plymouth and started studying for a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. As of 2020, I have stopped my studies. I left with a Diploma of Higher Education.

During COVID I lost passion for my studies and continued working in retail - which I still do to this day. Since then I have been trying many projects to find something I want to pursue as either a career or a hobby.

I have done a few projects during and since the COVID lockdowns.

Burridge and Tom Rambling On

Burridge and Tom Rambling On is a podcast which has now had two seasons. The original name was "Burridge and Tom Talk Tech" but we expanded when making the second season to be open to multiple topics while still having a tech focus.

We are currently on an unplanned hiatus as both of us became busy but we are hoping to return for season three sometime soon.

You can find out more about our podcast at: https://burridgeandtom.com


DiscussItAll is the name of our community forums. It was once the Bluetale Media Community Forums but we renamed them and branched them off to a unique branding.

DiscussItAll is the new home for our community forums originally found at community.bluetale.media. We have renamed and updated it to better encompass our goal with the forums, that being a place of discussion for a wide variety of topics.
The new name will help us (hopefully) grow the community around us as a production house as well as a general community online that is separate from the likes of Facebook and Twitter, a safe space for all who want and need it, a welcoming place online which is rarer and rarer these days.

You can join the discussion at: https://discussitall.online

Social Media

You can find me on the following social media platforms:

If you see other social media accounts that use my name and they're not included in this list assume they're either a fake or just unused.


Header Picture on the main page: My girlfriend, Jess.