Busy Year Ahead Part 1

Busy Year Ahead Part 1

Well it’s been just over a week since I last made a post, sorry about that! So life is beginning to start getting very busy. I have my job to obviously go to 5 days a week. While I do not do much more than 23 hours a week I then have my coursework to deal with and attending college 3 days a week.

I was discussing the idea on my stream the other night of going into streaming more than I do YouTube. This came about after my recording drive bit the dust so for now I have no footage to edit. I have a nice new SSD to record to before transferring to the 4TB drive that I used to record to. However because it has died in action I have no footage to use, nor anywhere to store newly recorded footage, which means I would have to edit as soon as I record which for the most part just wouldn’t be possible.

If I were to stream once or twice a week I should be able to keep it consistent and not have to worry about editing any footage after. For the last week I have streamed 4 or 5 times which is a lot more than I have ever done in one week I think.

I believe I might have some sort of schedule I can do and should be able to stick to. I’m not really one to set schedules to myself as I normally fail at sticking to them; so this will be a test for myself I guess. I could stream more than once or twice a week in a week if my workload is light.

  • Monday: 8 PM — Late (Eight till Late, woop woop rhyming god right here)*
  • Tuesday: Sometimes an afternoon stream (12 PM or 1PM until 5PM)
  • Wednesday: No Stream
  • Thursday: 7 PM — 10 PM
  • Friday: No Stream
  • Saturday: Sometimes an early afternoon stream (12 PM or 1 PM until 3PM)
  • Sunday: No Stream

* Late means there’s no set finishing time. I could finish at 10PM, or I could finish after Midnight. It would all depend how tired I am and what workload I have.

I know my Christmas workload will be very heavy. Although I intend to keep to my Monday and Thursday streams the other days are not a guaranteed stream day.

So I guess the question is, what happens with my YouTube channel? Well at this time I think it’s going to take a back seat in the events ahead. If I have some footage that I can edit and release I will but making YouTube videos will not be a priority for the foreseeable future. Especially if I go to University next September, which is the plan! I also plan on continuing this blog, as I am enjoying writing my thoughts and feelings on gaming and technology as well as some real life stuff. :)

So with that all that’s left to say is that you should go follow me on Twitter and Twitch! Follow the links on the top of the page to go and do so!