Busy Year Ahead Part 2

So on Sunday I made a post about the busy year that I had upcoming between now and July 2017. One or two things I missed or have changed since then so I will point them out now in this post.

First I mentioned that my YouTube channel would be taking a back seat during this time as I would focus more on this Blog and my Twitch channel. Well while this is still true I have been able to record some stuff which will be seen over the next couple of weeks hopefully.

Secondly, I never made mention on when I was starting the schedule I posted in Part 1. I cannot give a 100% accurate date however I am hoping that I can officially start it around the 5th of December. This is only a rough estimated date but it gives me time to see how my workload is going to plan out.

Finally, today I am sending off my UCAS application so I have begun my journey to University. If all goes well, which I am very much hoping they do I will be 24 when I go to University. Of course in this day and age going to University later on in life is actually rather common which is comforting to know. I am on my last year at my current college course for Creative Media for Games Development as well as re-doing my Maths and English GCSEs.

Of course I am also developing for two San Andreas Multiplayer Servers at the moment (both revived this year). So I am trying to push updates for them too, albeit slowly.

All of this added together means a VERY busy year. Have I taken on too much? Probably! But the dust will settle soon and I SHOULD be able to plan things out much better, I just need to evaluate my workload first.