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Snow Elves

Snow Elves are an ancient race whose history dates to the Mythic Era (Merethic Era), which predates the First Era. Their civilisation rivalled that of the Altmer in Summerset Isle. They resemble white-haired, pale Altmer, and have very long lifespans, as well as a strong resistance to frost. Legends say they favour spears and archery in combat.

Ancient Race#

Due to the Snow Elves being ancient and wilful your Wisdom increases by +2 and you may choose +1 to Constitution OR Intelligence.


Snow Elves are able to live for thousands of years and are possibly immortal. Their longevity has been assumed to be because of their devout worship of Auri-El.


Snow Elves are built in a similar way to the Altmer (High Elves), being the tallest race in Tamriel, normally up to 7 feet tall although they have a slenderer build. Your size is Medium.


Snow Elves are generally considered to be kind-hearted and selfless devoting themselves to their god Auri-El. They are generally considered to be one of the good alignments however, exceptions have occurred in the past. Those that stray from the Light of Auri-El tend to have profound side-effects.

Immunity to Disease#

Devout followers of Auri-El are protected by his majesty. Those that follow his teachings are unable to contract any diseases and never sicken. Those who follow alignments other than “good” lose this passive trait.


Your base walking speed is 30ft.

Keen Senses#

You have advantage on perception checks.


You know the ancient Snow Elf (Falmer) language and Tamrielic.