I Really Like Elden Ring

I Really Like Elden Ring
Elden Ring has caught my attention compared to all the other FromSoftware “Souls-like” games.

I want to start this post by stating that I have only played 30 hours or so of the game. So, this is in no way a full review. However, I might post a full review when I finish the game in hundreds of hours. This post is simply a place to review what I have played so far.

Elden Ring has caught my attention compared to all the other FromSoftware “Souls-like” games. I probably enjoyed Dark Souls 3 the most out of all those games. Although, I still never completed it even then. However, in this game, I already have a character for each class to try and explore the different playstyles.

My favourite class to play so far has been Astrologer. The magic in this game is overpowered in many aspects. Still, I have thoroughly enjoyed the playstyle it allows. For a player like me who enjoys RPGs – they are easily my favourite genre of videogame – I don’t entirely enjoy the difficulty level of the souls-like series. Elden Ring, then, brings me the best of both worlds with a nice balance. If the boss I am fighting is too tricky, I can go away, explore the vast world, and come back later and try again.

The open world of Elden Ring is vast and expansive. I can find something new around every corner of the world, and nothing in the world feels placed – it all has a purpose. A good example is when I was exploring a part of the world and heard someone calling out for help.

I find a person who calls himself Kenneth Haight. He stands atop some ruins overlooking some demi-humans. Kenneth asks for help retaking his fort, Fort Haight. Upon agreeing, I head over there and clear out the enemies that are there, and atop the fort stands a slightly stronger enemy with a sword. After a little bit of a scuffle with this enemy, I kill him, and I am rewarded with the Ash of War: Bloody Slash. After clearing the fort and searching for any further rewards, I return to Kenneth and tell him it is clear now. I am rewarded with Erdstell Dagger, which seems like a decent dagger, but I have not played a character enough to use it properly yet.

Kenneth Haight stands atop his fort which I have retaken for him. I am still waiting on that knighthood though!

I have seen some criticism online about the tutorial area. My opinion  of the tutorial is that it is functional and serves its purpose. I  found it quickly enough and followed through with it with no issue. At  the end of the tutorial, the boss you fight goes down relatively easy  and gives you an excellent chance to practice before going out into the  open world.

Even with the tutorial, it does not truly prepare you for the  vastness of the world or the enemies you will find within it. I found a  large enemy immediately upon entering Limgrave – the place you begin. As  I get close to him, a large health bar appears, and some fantastic  music begins to play as he immediately ends my existence. I still have  not beaten him even now at level 43.

The music in Elden Ring is truly a masterpiece. It consistently sets  the scene and serves as a perfect audio clue. For example, I know if I  enter or leave combat. Some of the bosses I have come across so far have  brilliant tracks.

In conclusion, I intend to keep playing this game and eventually beat  it. Although I suspect beating it will take me a while with my skill  level. Plus, there is so much to explore. I am not interested in  rampaging my way through the main story just yet. Why would I? There is  so much to explore and many world bosses to fight.