My First Virtual Reality Experience

My First Virtual Reality Experience

So I haven’t really been following VR much since its conception it just didn’t fully appeal to me as a wearer of glasses, let alone the fact I am so used to sitting at a desk, or in bed playing on my PC/Laptop/3DS/PS4 etc.

Yesterday in one of my classes Human Computer Interfaces or HCI for short we were discussing Augmented Reality or AR for short and VR. I have never used VR so I couldn’t tell you my experiences with it but in some ways it excites me, yet also scares me a little.

It excites me because I like the idea of being able to put on a headset, put my on headphones and head into a game world for true immersion. I like the idea of running around Skyrim, or Fallout either exploring things in more intricate and personal detail or simply to go hunting for bears or something. It sounds amazing, and I am totally down for that! Also it means exercising from the comfort of my own home without the problem of self-consciousness from people staring and judging.

However I am scared, if people get too immersed we’ll be seeing people becoming more and more anti-social. I also worry people will become very ill or even die due to them forgetting to eat or sleep. We’ve heard of people dying from playing too much World of Warcraft etc.

I guess it’s a case of waiting and seeing. I suspect there’ll be some VR games at EGX so I’ll be sure to check out at least one and give my thoughts after.