“Tomorrow” Was the Day

“Tomorrow” Was the Day

While going through my Google account and checking some things out in my Adsense panel I noticed that I had an unused Blogger blog. I realised that the domain pointing to it (blog.dburridge.com) is still something I own and can set up, so I have now done so, and the blog is back! I intend to make use of it more this time.

Since my update, now over one year ago a lot has happened. The computer and its specs I mentioned in that post is no longer with us, it has been upgraded yet again! The specs for those interested are as follows:

  • Intel i7–8700K @ 4.7 GHz
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte z370P-D3
  • Graphics Card: GTX 1060 6GB
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4–2400
  • Power Supply: EVGA Supernova 1300W P2 Platinum Modular Power Supply
  • SSD 1: 240 GB SanDisk SSD PLUS
  • SSD 2: 60GB Kingston V300
  • HDD 1: 1TB Western Digital Blue
  • HDD 2: 1TB Western Digital Blue

It also has a new case now: NZXT S340 White/Purple Midi Tower Gaming Case. I intend on upgrading the GPU soon, along with replacing my 2 1TB mechanical drives with 1 much larger capacity drive.

Alongside the computer changes I have now completed my first year of university which went well. In a few weeks’ time I shall begin my actual degree in Computer Science which I am looking forward to. It’s going to be a busy couple of years as I work towards attaining a degree, but I know it’ll be worth it.

In six days’ time I will be moving into my new flat with a good friend of mine as he also begins his university journey! I’ve been looking forward to having my own space for a long time and this is the beginning of that.

I will use this blog as a means to reflect on things I learn while studying, share projects I am working on, or just general rambles.